The Fondo Pertini, re-organized, is divided into eight sections which include documents relating to his exile in France as well as to his anti-fascist and partisan activities, certificates and membership cards, a copy of his police files and of the proceedings of his trials, letters received and sent (his correspondents include the current Pope along with prominent authorities in Italy and abroad in addition to many politically or culturally outstanding individuals), documents relating to prizes, to degrees and honors conferred upon him, to official state visits, to speeches, messages, declarations, and interviews, writings and articles-both published and unpublished, documents relating to his exchanges with students, acts of parliament, preparatory materials for his programs on radio or television, various documents concerning the P.S.I., documents concerning Resistance commemorations. These holdings also include a complete set of press clippings, in bound volumes relating to Pertini's activities from 1968 to 1985, as well as a considerable collection of audio and audiovisual recordings.
The Pertini Collection

Composition and description
  • Personal documents bb. 3 (1920-1990)
  • Correspondence, bb. 3 (1944-1990)
  • Public and parliamentary activity, bb35 (1922-1990)
  • Preparatory materials for publications, bb.4 (1970-1987)
  • Preparatory documents for television programmes, b. 1 (1979-1992)
  • Documents relating to the P.S.I., bb. 4 (1904-1989)
  • Documents relating to the resistance, b. 1 (1945-1985)
  • Printed matter, bb. 38 (1929-1992)
  • Volumes, 183 (1929-1992)
  • Audiovisual and sound documents: films 11, videocassettes 44, reels 28, audiocassettes 47, records 40 

Photographic collection 

Composition: books 21 containing 3,700 loose photographs, photo albums 136 (1900-1989) This amounts to a conspicuous photographic collection, composed of photographs prior to 1968 (analytically catalogued), concerning his antifascist and resistance involvement and his political activity after the Second World War, and of photo albums and envelopes of photographs relating to his activity as President of the Parliament and of the Republic and the last years of his life.

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